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17.12.2018 Adapted opening hours during Christmas. read on »
01.01.2016 Original Fomblin® PFPE Oil based greases remain available from us. read on »


FenS markets an extensive line of:

  • High-quality synthetic lubricants for lifetime and maintenance solutions (brand names Fomblin® PFPE and Berulub®)
  • Fluids for precision cleaning / degreasing (brand names Vertrel®, deconex® and Galden® PFPE)
  • Fluorinated greases
  • Customized lubricant solutions (brand name Fenslube®)
  • “Specialty” fluorinated solvents (brand name Halotec®)

To meet quality, productivity and environmental targets.


Related services also available through FenS are: 

  • Lubricant Systems
  • Pre-Qualification Lubricant Testing
  • Product Engineering Support
  • US / Vibration Analysis
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems
  • Specialty Lubricant Formulation
  • Lubricant Sampling
  • Lubrication Plan
  • Oil Analysis
  • Safety Training
  • Physical Lubrication Maintenance
  • Lubrication Education
  • Lubricant Dispensing Advice
  • Oil /Lube Storage
  • Monitoring Aids

FenS conducts its diversified product portfolio with leading positions in a broad range of industries, with a concentration of its business in the automotive, aviation/aerospace, chemical, defence, electronics, medical, paper and food markets. Based in Goes, The Netherlands, FenS sells the majority of its products throughout Europe.


Fomblin® PFPE