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About us

FenS is a privately held company, supplier of specialty chemical products, established in 1990 with all sales, distribution, support functions located on one site in Goes, only 30 car-minutes away from Antwerp. Excelling in Flexibility, Service, Quality and Reliability sustainable long term growth is achieved thru nurturing client relationships by a sustained level of expertise, added value offering, ensuring to provide the ultimate solution leading to cost-effective best-in-class results. Through partnerships offers FenS its ultimate solution based on the newest technological insights.                  Our strategic partners are:

  •       Solvay Specialty Polymers focusing on Industrial Lubrication (brand name Fomblin® PFPE and Galden® PFPE)
  •       Carl Bechem focusing on Food, Animal Food and Pharma Lubrication (brand names Berulub®, Berusynth®, Berutox®),
  •       Chemours focussing on Aerospace, Medical, Optics, Military and Electronics precision cleaning (brand name Vertrel®)
  •       Borer focussing on Metal Processing aqueous cleaning (brand name deconex®)


FenS is committed to quality and customer satisfaction and is certified according to NEN-EN-ISO 9001 (2008) standard and values relationships with both customers and partners working towards continuous improvement in its service and support.