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FenS’ high-quality synthetic lubricants for lifetime and maintenance solutions and its fluids for heat transfer / precision cleaning / degreasing feature unique properties that enable use in a wide range of applications and make them  a popular choice.


Applications where they are commonly used include:

High-quality synthetic lubricants:

Fluids for heat transfer / precision cleaning / degreasing:

  • sealants or lubricants in (high) vacuum systems
  • high- temperature, high- speed
  • thrust and vector control
  • steamer and dryer
  • oven conveyor
  • dye machine lifter-reel
  • (optical) adjustment
  • arm/leg joints
  • gyroscopes synchronous motor
  • oven conveyor 
  • tenter-frame cross-screw
  • miniature
Carrier fluid/ Lubricant Deposition
  • cargo bay doors/ bay lift arm
Liquid-fuelled turbines
  • plastic/ metal
  • tenter-frame cross-screw
  • wing flap
  • tail rudder/ speed brake
Taps and o-rings
  • fabric and film stretching
Valves, Pumps/ compressors
Optics, Precision Cleaning solvent
Acid Spill Mitigation
Drying and Rinsing agent
Heat transfer fluid
High voltage dielectrics
Electronic Reliability Testing
Inerting agent
Soil Removal

As there are multiple products which can be used for the same application, also when your application is not included, please contact us so we can help guide you to the ultimate solution for your technical queries.