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Product Guide

Specialty Oils & Fluids

High performance PFPE oils and fluids. The products are inert, non-flammable and have a wide temperature range. Suitable for vacuum pumps and so on

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Food Grade Lubricants

The foodgrade lubricants are NSF-H1 registered, Halal en Kosher certified and have a non-allergens declaration.

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High-Performance Greases

High quality PFPE greases with a wide temperature range, suitable for long-life lubrication. Applicable in clean- rooms, automotive industry and so on.

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Customized Dispersions

Fully synthetic and translucent contact protection, long-life lubricants dissolved in a non-toxic and non-flammable carrier fluid.

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Anti-Friction Coatings

A dry lubrication solution for noise damping and reducing wear and corrosion. Suitable for applications with both high and low temperatures.

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Precision Cleaners & Solvents

High quality cleaning fluids with a high solvency value. They are compatible with many different types of metals and plastics such as brass and so on.

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