Searching for solutions in the field of heat transfer, vapor phase soldering, testing and contact lubrication? We can assist you! Heat transfer Temperature control is very important in heat transfer processes  to prevent damage to your equipmen... Read more

Food Processing

Together with our partner Carl Bechem, we offer you a wide range of food-safe synthetic lubricants. The products are NSF H1 registered, Halal and Kosher certified and have a non-allergen declaration. The products are developed to meet the strict requ... Read more

Oxygen and gas

Looking for oxygen-safe lubricants? Together with our partners we offer you a wide range of superior and innovative fluorinated lubricants for the oxygen and gas industry. The products are chemically inert to oxygen and chlorine and are non-flammable... Read more


Together with our partners, we supply a wide range of synthetic lubricants for the automotive industry. The products are distribuated under the brandnames FOMLUBE, Berulub, Berusoft and Berucoat. Our products are successfully applied for the lubricat... Read more

Medical and optics

Together with our partner Borer, we supply water-based precision cleaning products in the Benelux under the brand name deconex. The products are used for cleaning of surgical instruments, implants, lenses with or without coating. Customer-specific pr... Read more

Precision engineering

Looking for high performance greases for lubricating miniature mechanisms? We offer you a wide range of high performance greases under the brandname FOMLUBE® and Berulub. Lubrication of miniature mechanisms in for example, miniature systems is a spe... Read more
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