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Heat transfer
Temperature control is very important in heat transfer processes  to prevent damage to your equipment. HT PFPE fluid is specially developed for use in heat transfer processes/ semiconductor industry and has an extremely wide temperature range. HT PFPE fluids offers the widest temperature range in its class with boiling points from 55 °C to 270 °C. In addition, the fluorinated chemical properties ensure a low evaporation loss and are therefore very suitable for aggressive conditions in het semiconductor industry.

Benefits that HT PFPE fluids offer:

  • Excellent thermal and chemical stability
  • Wide temperature range
  • Good di-electric properties
  • Good compatible with metal, plastic and elastomer
  • No flashpoint, focal point or auto ignition point

Vapor phase soldering
Vapor phase soldering is the alternative for infrared or reflow soldering. LS/HS PFPE fluid is a fluorinated product range which is extremely suitable for soldering of PCB’s in small production runs with very high quality requirements. LS/HS PFPE fluid offer the widest working temperature with boiling points from 200 °C to 260 °C to optimize the vapor phase process.

Benefits that LS/HS PFPE fluids offer:

  • Oxygen and other gases do not come into contact with the printed circuit board due the inert LS/HS PFPE fluid
  • Extremely high efficiency due to evenly heat transfer
  • Fast and residue free drying
  • Overheating is not possible, the vapor is equal to the boiling temperature of LS/HS PFPE fluid
  • Safe in use with regard to RoHS.

Thermal shock testing and Hermetic seal testing:
D PFPE fluid is used for high and low temperature resistance testing and complete sealing of electronic components.

Benefits that D PFPFE fluid offer:

  • Extensive product range for performance optimization
  • Excellent temperature control
  • No damage on sensitive electronics after immersion in D PFPE fluid
  • Prevent short circuit
  • No corrosion or reaction with construction materials
  • Suitable for use in high and low temperature

Contact  lubrication
Y/M PFPE oil and FENSLUBE are often used for lubricating friction points in electronical applications, such as switches, relays and potentiometers. In addition, Y/M PFPE oil is also used for masking. The products are also good compatible with noble materials like gold, silver, plastic and metal.

Furthermore, Y/M PFPE oil and FENSLUBE offer many advantages such as:

  • High oxidation resistance
  • Good di-electric properties
  • Reduce reduction and wear of electronical switching components.
  • Protect and increase the lifespan of the contact
  • Extremely wide temperature range
  • Chemically inert

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