Together with our partner Borer, we supply water-based precision cleaning products in the Benelux under the brand name deconex. The products are used for cleaning of surgical instruments, implants, lenses with or without coating.

Customer-specific process description
By developing customer-specific process descriptions, we are able to improve your existing cleaning methods. By doing cleaning tests, with original contamination and components, in our own laboratory, result in your personal process description. We then offer you support during the implementation of this process description and trouble shooting.

All the production processes have to be perfectly coordinated to achieve the high quality standard in the production of medical technology components. Our partner Borer has developed a seven steps process with its deconex MT product range. With this process we can offer you complete support from the idea until a valid cleaning process. The cleanliness of your medical technology components is our absolute number one priority.

The deconex MT range consists of safe water based cleaning agents, completely free of corrosion inhabitors, parfumes and dyes. In addition, the products do not contain volatile and flammable ingredients and thus increase the safety in your company.

The deconex OP range is used for cleaning or removing of a hard coating and anti-reflection layers in the ocular and sun lens industry. Furthermore, deconex OP is widely used for every application prior to vacuum coating in every possible industry. Precision cleaners deconex OP removes contaminants such as: polishing pastes, middle marking, residues of protective tapes, fingerprints and dust, etc. In addition, it can be used to etch surfaces for better adhesion and removal of anti-reflection layers and hard layers in case of coating defects.

Benefits that deconex precision cleaners offer:

  • Longer tool life
  • Low concentrations required
  • Consistent results
  • Less water consumption
  • Lower total costs
  • Fewer deposits in pipework
  • Better cleaning quality
  • Higher yield
  • Not volatile

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