Looking for high performance greases for lubricating miniature mechanisms? We offer you a wide range of high performance greases under the brandname FOMLUBE® and Berulub.

Lubrication of miniature mechanisms in for example, miniature systems is a special area of lubrication science and technology. The friction elements usually have very small dimensions, for example parts in watches or precision instruments.

The challange is in finding the best solution for your for-life lubrication by reducing friction and wear and extending of lifetime of your miniature mechanisms. We have the expertise to assess your needs, evaluate your options and select the right lubricant for the right application. Our products FOMLUBE® and Berulub can be used in parts in vehicles, home appliance, precision equipment and so on.

Interested in our product range for precision engineering? Please click here to see an overview of all our producttypes of FOMLUBE® and Berulub.

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