Specialty Oils & Fluids

Our specialty oils and fluids are fully fluorinated, have an extremely wide temperature range, are chemically inert and compatible with rubber, plastic and metals. The oils are developed for contact protection in electronic applications, oxygen indus... Read more

Food Grade Lubricants

Our food grade lubricants are fully synthetic, available as oils, greases and sprays. The lubricants are free from mineral oil, NSF-H1 approved and therefore very suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industry. In addition, almost all products are... Read more

High-Performance Greases

Our high performance greases are fully fluorinated. They are characterized by their wide temperature range, long-life lubrication and chemically inert properties. This makes our fluorinated greases suitable for many different applications, like autom... Read more

Customized Dispersions

Our customized disperions are fully fluorinated. Applied as a thin lubricant layer on plastic, metal and rubber parts that need an extremely durable lubrication. The dispersions are specially suitable for the lubrication and protection of noble metal... Read more

Anti-Friction Coatings

Our anti-friction coatings are touch dry lubricant solutions, air-drying, heat-curing and long-life coatings. They are compatible with metal and plastic combinations, leather and foils using different lubricating and anti-wear additives as well as na... Read more

Precision Cleaners & Solvents

Our precision cleaners meet the highest standards of cleaning coming from water-based solutions through to solvents.  For high vacuum, precision metal parts, optics and pvd/cvd coating. The challenge is in finding the best solution for your particul... Read more
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