Our anti-friction coatings are touch dry lubricant solutions, air-drying, heat-curing and long-life coatings. They are compatible with metal and plastic combinations, leather and foils using different lubricating and anti-wear additives as well as nano and microcapsule technologies.

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ProductBasisAdditivesSolventService temperature range in °CCuringAvailable in:
Berucoat AF 130Organ. binderMoS2Organ.-70 +250Heat curing
Berucoat AF 291Organ. binderGraphiteOrgan.-40 +250 +350Heat curing
Berucoat AF 320Organ. binderPTFEOrgan.-70 +250Heat curing
Berucoat AF 438 Inorgan. BinderMoS2 / graphiteOrgan.-180 +450Air curing
Berucoat AF 470Organ. binderMoS2 / GraphiteWater-40 +250Air curing
Berucoat AF 732Organ. binderMoS2 / PTFEOrgan.-70 +250Heat curing
Berucoat AK 376Organ. binderPTFEWater-40 +120Air curing
Berucoat AK 978Organ. binderSolidsWater-40 +80Air curing
Berucoat FX 170Organ. binderPolyurethanWater-40 +140Heat curing
Berucoat FX 172Organ. binderPolyurethanWater-40 +140Heat curing
Berucoat FX 270Organ. binderGraphiteWater-40 +300Air curing
Berucoat FX 670Organ. binderGraphite / PTFEWater-40 +250Air curing
Berucoat FX 671Organ. binderGraphite / PTFEWater-40 +180Heat curing
Berucoat FX 871Organ. binderWaxWater-40 +120Air curing


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