Our customized disperions are fully fluorinated. Applied as a thin lubricant layer on plastic, metal and rubber parts that need an extremely durable lubrication. The dispersions are specially suitable for the lubrication and protection of noble metal electrical contacts even under arcing conditions. They can be used in automotive, electrical and optical applications.

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ProductBase oilViscosity of base oil at 20 ° CTemperature range in °CDensity at 20 °C in g.cm3 Available in:
FENSLUBE 18705 PFPE1800-30 +2901.7
FENSLUBE 2010 PFPE35-50 +1501,5
FENSLUBE 2021 PFPE35-50 +1501,5
FENSLUBE 25550 PFPE250-35 +2201.7
FENSLUBE 30701 PFPE280-60 +2501.5
FENSLUBE 45805 PFPE470-30 +2501.7
FENSLUBE 60115 PFPE600-110 +801.69
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