Our precision cleaners meet the highest standards of cleaning coming from water-based solutions through to solvents.  For high vacuum, precision metal parts, optics and pvd/cvd coating. The challenge is in finding the best solution for your particular application. FenS has the expertise to assess your needs, evaluate your options, test and select the best chemistries to do the job you need.

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Precision cleaners

ProductPH valueDensity in g/mlAppearanceAvailabe in:
DECONEX 12 NS-x11.81.42clear, light yellowish
DECONEX 12 PA-Xapprox. 11.71.42light yellowish
DECONEX 38 CU 10approx. 5-71.06transparent, yellow to light brown
DECONEX ANTICORRapprox. 10.7 +/- 0.71.02clear, colourless
DECONEX ANTICORR PLUSapprox. 111.0clear, colourless
DECONEX FPD 122approx. 91.09clear, slightly yellowish liquid
DECONEX FPD 211approx. 11.7approx. 1.42clear, slightly yellowish liquid
DECONEX HT 11538.91.05clear, light yellowish
DECONEX HT 11638.61.03transparent, yellow liquid
DECONEX HT 116910.91.06clear, light brown liquid
DECONEX HT 117010.51.03transparent, yellow to brown liquid
DECONEX HT 12019.61.07transparent, brown liquid
DECONEX HT 12079.71.04transparent, light brown liquid
DECONEX HT 12182.11.36transparent, colourless to slightly yellowish liquid
DECONEX HT 12192.11.11transparent, colourlesse to slightly yellowish liquid
DECONEX HT 12322.71.07transparent, colourless to slightly yellow liquid
DECONEX HT 12339.41.06transparent, light brown liquid
DECONEX HT 1237approx. 111.0colourless, slightly cloudy
DECONEX HT 1400approx. 12.61.33clear, colourless to slightly yellow
DECONEX HT 1401approx. 12.3approx. 1.16clear, colourless to yellow
DECONEX HT 140212.51.25transparent, colourless to pale yellow liquid
DECONEX HT 1410approx. 11.01.04clear, light brown liquid
DECONEX HT 14207.51.05transparent, colourless to slightly yellowish
DECONEX HT 14301.51.22transparent, colourless to slightly yellowish liquid
DECONEX HT 1501111.30clear to yellowish
DECONEX HT 151011.61.28light yellowish
DECONEX HT 15119.51.06clear, yellow-brownish liquid
DECONEX HT 151212.11.45transparent, yellowish liquid
DECONEX HT 1520101.07clear, light yellowish
DECONEX OP 141 112.61.33clear, colourless to slightly yellowish
DECONEX OP 148 112.51.19clear, light yellowish
DECONEX OP 149 112.41.25clear, colourless to slightly yellow
DECONEX OP 153 111.91.24transparent, yellow
DECONEX OP 163 1approx. 7.01.02transparent, colourless to yellowish
DECONEX OP 164 17.81.05transparent, colourless to yellow
DECONEX OP 171 1approx. 4.0approx. 1.12clear, colourless
DECONEX OP 190 1approx 7.5 - 7.8 approx. 1.08clear, coulourless
DECONEX OP 191 16.71.0clear, slightly yellowish liquid
DECONEX PV 140 12.61.17transparent, colourless


ProductBoiling point in °CLiquid density in KG/LKB valueAvailable in:
OPTEON™ SDF471.29-
OPTEON™ SF01321.34-
OPTEON™ SF05391.27-
OPTEON™ SF101101.586
OPTEON™ SF3029.11.3320
OPTEON™ SF3333.41.3611.3
OPTEON™ SF79471.29103
OPTEON™ SF80471.2999
VERTREL SFR411.28101
VERTREL XF 551.58-
VERTREL XSi571.05-


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