Do you have any questions about the application or specifications of our products? For all your technical requirements concerning either lubrication or precision cleaning you can go to FenS. Our team is every day available to answer any question you ... Read more


Looking for the right product for your application? At FenS we can find you the the right product for the right application. Either in the field of lubrication or in precision cleaning. By developing customer-specific process proposals and performing... Read more


Do you want support with your lubrication maintenance? Are you confronted with tighter planning, short maintenance intervals and even stricter requirements from certification authorities? Together with our partner Boccard, we assist you to maximize y... Read more


Analysis process fluids Do you have questions about the quality of your process fluid? FenS offer you the possibility to analyze your process fluids. This is a free service. It is of paramount important to refresh/replace your process fluid on time. ... Read more
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