Analysis process fluids
Do you have questions about the quality of your process fluid? FenS offer you the possibility to analyze your process fluids. This is a free service. It is of paramount important to refresh/replace your process fluid on time. Changing the process fluid too early is extra harmful to the environment and the associated costs. Too late changing of the process fluid can cause damage to components. After analysis we can advise you on the measures to be taken.

In addition, FenS offers the possibility to filter your PFPE vacuum oil. Our PFPE oil filtration services are an attractive alternative to purchasing new oil with savings up to 75% over the cost of new oil. Environmentally friendly by drastically reducing the amount of waste contributed to the waste stream .


  • Sustainable: drastic reduction of waste stream
  • Cost efficiency: less product consumption
  • Process reliability: better monitoring of your process fluids
  • Safety: more simplicity in processing waste streams.


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